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The benefits of ownership through SHAW Racing

Our aim at SHAW Racing, is to give our members the opportunity, the thrill and the excitement of racehorse ownership at a more affordable cost.

Ownership through SHAW Racing brings with it many benefits including

Owners badge when your horse runs with the option of purchasing additional Owners & Trainers badges at a discounted rate where applicable.

Access to O&T bar/lounge with complimentary refreshments, pre-parade ring, paddock and winners enclosure

Regular stable visits to see your horse working on the gallops, and your chance to discuss or ask questions you may have directly to the trainer.

Regular communication to advise on the horses progress and race entries and long term plans.

Regular social events.

Prize-money equivalent to your percentage share

No further payments other than monthly fees * (and initial buy-in payment if applicable)

We can accommodate single, group or corporate shareholders from 5% up to 80% of any of our current of future horses.

We can tailor any of our packages to suit individual or group needs, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

How it works

You do not have to carry the burden of purchasing and training alone. We take the total cost of its purchase and training and divide it into shares. By buying a share, you become an owner without the overall cost. As syndicate managers we aim to simplify the whole process of racehorse ownership, leaving you to enjoy the finer aspects of being an owner.